You Are The Enemy


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released May 19, 2017



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ZERO Washington


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Track Name: Leech
I can see her standing at my door, skin paler than the walls consuming my view, to numb to speak, to dumb to care.
i could swear it'd be the same if you werent even there, maybe i just need to get my head clear, i wish that you'd just disapear.
She slides through the sheets like a snake, her tongue slowly ascending, up my ribs past my chest, constricting airflow, desperatly trying to break my neck.
Her voice rings in my head like siren alarms, i'd rather die on the floor than in your arms.
Track Name: Suffer
We will die, slowly rot from the insides, like they want us to, with no regard for my own life, no point in seeking the truth, "what can you do?"
Do you feel your grasp on life slipping through your hands, and at the end times, drag me through the sands.
And i wont surive, i hope i wont, i watch the bodies going up in smoke, and if theres no way i can lift this curse, i'll throw myself out to the wolves, let them kill me first.
And if theres one thing i can tell you, its that they'd rather, rape you than save you.
No one is watching over you.
Track Name: A Grim Recollection
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, this feeling cant last any longer, every year a new low, theres nowhere to go, in this world that i will be whole without you.
Staring at you threw a screen wondering, would you even remember my face? I could only hope not. Periods of time, that are best forgot. I wish you were in the news, a car of you and your intoxicated friends were hit head on.
Well sometimes i would rather it be me, put an end to reality, put an end to what, kills me.
There is no one in this world that she could find to make her whole.
Track Name: At My Funeral
With every sunset, the same pain, why, must i still feel this way, *so empty*
Im Always waiting for the end, I cant pretend, everythings fine.
When everything is a lie, when i have death by side, its my time, to let this all slip away.
Letting death take my hand, with my last breath i take in, tell no one here i loved them, *no purpose* all of the good times have past, and now im taking, all it back.
I think i'll crawl inside a hole, nowhere to go.
Track Name: You Are The Enemy
No one hears them, and when they're gone no one cares, turn your heads from the problems of man, rest assured this is gods master plan" well you will all, hate me, for what i belive.
We're nothing, nothing here for me, nothing in this world.
The feeling of dread, has washed over me, they say they're our friends, they are the enemy,
This is fucking war, i am dying by the blade, this is war, i will dig there fucking graves.

See you in hell.